Pro Paddle kit (hands/toes/head)

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The Animation Toolkit Pro Paddle has been designed and engineered by us for hands, toes and heads but can also be used for limitless other applications in armature design.


2 x stainless steel Pro Paddle

1 x 1mm x 3meter spool aluminium finger wire

2 x M3 x 10mm stainless steel threaded bar

2 x 6mm x M3 stainless steel balls


  • One piece precision engineered magnetic stainless steel paddle
  • Functional and flexible paddle design
  • 1 x M3 thread centred tie down (for use as a toe)
  • 1 x M3 threaded stock boss (to attach to a rod and ball)
  • 4 x 1.5mm drilled holes (for wire fingers etc)
  • Brushed metal matt finish

As a hand paddle, the one-piece design makes an excellent ‘palm’ of a hand. The 4 x 1.5mm drilled holes are designed to accept aluminium wire for fingers. The M3 stock boss will take a threaded bar and ball to form a wrist joint.

As a toe paddle, the one-piece design has a M3 threaded centre hole for tie downs.  Should you want to put actual toes on your character, the 4 x 1.5mm drilled holes are designed to accept aluminium wire (as in creating fingers on hands).  The M3 stock boss will take a threaded bar and ball to form a toe joint.

The paddle can also be used as the basis for building a head. Use the paddle simply as a ‘skull’ to build on to with clay, or use the threaded features and holes to build in extra elements – such as wired ears, a ball and socket sniffing nose or a moveable jaw – your imagination is the limit.  

Stainless steel is strong and robust and will last a lot longer against corrosion in the foam baking process. The stainless steel compound we use is a specialist magnetic formula. That’s not to say they can be used as magnets, but to say they will attract to magnets (like standard steel). When used as a toe paddle you can magnetise them to set (check out our studio super magnet set).   

Hand and toe paddles can be brazed/silver soldered, ground/filled down (so make slimmer), cut, polished, painted and customised to meet the needs of your armature’s specifications.  The matt brushed steel finish enables joints to easily adhere to paint, foam and silicone applications.

Please note - this kit requires Loctite 638 (not included) to secure the threaded bar into hole, and ball onto the threaded bar.

Don’t forget to order  your  Loctite 638 x 3ml, threaded bar and stainless steel balls for use with this product!