Silver Soldering

  • Jewellers Flux  20g for silver soldering

    Jewellers Flux 20g for silver soldering

    Armature makers use Borax Flux to bond many types of metal with the combination of silver solder (available here). This product is mostly commonly used to braze stainless steel balls onto stems  Stainless steel will not flow unless the surface is...

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  • Silver Solder 0.5mm x 100cm

    Silver Solder 0.5mm x 100cm

    This is a 100cm (1 meter) of 0.5mm Sterling Silver Wire (not a whole roll !!) for soldering stainless steel balls onto stems (stems can be either stainless steel or mild steel). Please note that you need a gas torch to melt this solder, either propane...

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  • Micro Torch

    Micro Torch

    Key Features Designed for precision work including fine soldering, jewelry repairs, craft projects and heat shrinking wire. Hand selected by Animation Toolkit for armature fabrication and silver soldering/brazing Can heat statinless steel ball...

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