Silver Solder 0.5mm x 100cm

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This is a 100cm (1 meter) of 0.5mm Sterling Silver Wire (not a whole roll !!) for soldering stainless steel balls onto stems (stems can be either stainless steel or mild steel).

Please note that you need a gas torch to melt this solder, either propane / butane or similar. An electric soldering iron is not hot enough and wont work.


1. Prepare both surfaces to join, clean of any grease or burr.

2. Coat surfaces to be joined with silver solder Flux (available here).

3. Heat both surfaces with a gas torch until cherry red

4. With a pair of tweezers, offer the silver solder wire to the cherry red surfaces

5. The silver solder wire should run into the flux and bond both surfaces permanently together

6. Quench the part in jewellers pickle or similar to clean away unwanted flux  

Please note: lead soldering/soft soldering (used on electrical components etc) will not join steel/stainless steel armature parts together. The only way to achieve this is to invest in hard soldering products such as the silver solder and flux we offer.