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Silicone and mould making

  • Stop Motion Silicone Skin Catalyst 25g

    Download the Stop Motion Silicone Skin Fact Sheet here Contents: 25g Catalyst ONLY   Tips and usage: Specific uses include: Animation/animatronic skins. Precise Mould Making (small scale). Mix 5% catalyst by weight to silicone (best used on...

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  • Pouring latex 1KG kit

    Contains: 1kg latex 1 x thickening agent Pouring latex is ideal for either mould making or skinning a puppet. If mixed with acrylic colours, pouring latex can be painted in thin layers over a sponge body of a puppet to replicate skin. Perfect for...

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  • R5 spray wax release agent

    R5 spray wax release agent

    R5 spray wax release agent.  For those ho are serious about making silcione puppets. To avoid rips and tears in your castings, spray R5 into resin/plaster moulds prior to casting up. The wax agent drys in approx 1 minute. R5 dramatically helps...

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  • Polyurethane Resin Fast Cast 1KG kit

    Polyurethane Resin Fast Cast 1KG kit

    J-Cast Polyurethane Resin kit (fast cast) is excellent for quickley casting props, models, head cores,  duplicate masters and more. J Cast consists of two parts (A and B) that, after mixing, quickly cure to tough polyurethane plastic. Cure...

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  • Mould making silicone 500g

    Mould making silicone 500g

    Stop Motion mould making silicone. Based on a formula widely used in the animation industry, this silicone is mixed with 10% catalyst in order for it to cure (curing is 16hrs to 24hrs).   Contents: 500g Silicone mould making kit + 10%...

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