Body Parts

Armature body parts, heads, eyes and moulds. We offer a variety of standard body parts that can be modified and customised to suit your own character needs. We are adding to this category weekly, please check back for more products and options. If there is something you are looking for specifically please email us as it maybe in development and you could be a test candidate! 

  • Eye Decals set Eye Decals set

    Eye Decals set

    1 sheet per pack contains 10 of each size as follows Eye white: 25mm diameter 20mm diameter 15mm diameter 10mm diameter    Iris' Bown Blue Green  10mm diameter 7.5mm diamter 5mm diameter 2.5mm...

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  • Hand Paddles (PLA) Hand Paddles (PLA)

    Hand Paddles (PLA)

    3D Printed PLA hand paddles, designed to be used with ball jointed armatures with 6mm ball jointed wrists (joints not included).  Contents: 4 x PLA Paddles 4 x Brass Boss 4 x 10mm screw stud 4 x 6mm SS Balls 1 x 1mm x 1m aluminium...

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