Hand Paddles (PLA)

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3D Printed PLA hand paddles, designed to be used with ball jointed armatures with 6mm ball jointed wrists (joints not included). 


4 x PLA Paddles

4 x Brass Boss

4 x 10mm screw stud

4 x 6mm SS Balls

1 x 1mm x 1m aluminium wire


Size: W14.5mm x L16mm xD2.5mm (without ball and screw).

Simply pressure fit the brass grub into the wrist cavity (super glue if required), generously cover the 10mm thread screws and 6mm threaded ball bearings with thread lock (we recommend our Thread Locker Permanent Z-71 for best results). and screw into position. Thread 1mm wire through the finger holes and twist to create hand. 

These hand paddles can also be used in our Medium Anibild Hand Mould.


Material colours may vary


Requires  Z-71 Thread Locker for a permanent fix on the balls and screws.