Anibild Hand Mould LARGE

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 Hand sizes measured from palm to index finger tip:

 Small: 30mm

 Medium: 40mm

 Large: 50mm


Designed for stop motion animation armature making and puppeteering, the Anibild hand mould will last a life time and travel with you from production to production. Choose from our 3 sizes, small medium and large hand set.


2 part compression mould

Left and right hand included

3 sizes available

Key space for armature location included

Location keys for precision compression and reduced flash/seam lines.  

Semi flexible, robust ABS plastic

Can be used with plasticine, silicone and latex.



Made from a dense ABS plastic the 2 part compression mould, with location keys, delivers a neat and tight flash/seam line.

Anibild moulds can be used with plasticine/coloured modelling clay, silicone and foam latex. A release agent (or similar) must be used in all cases. Release agents commonly used are Vaseline or a wax release spray.


Guidance for use:

Always use a wax based release agent or similar. Painting in a thin layer of malleable wax/Vaseline does the same job.

Only compress both halves of mould together with quick release a soft jaw hand clamps. Do not use cast steel, heavy duty G Clamp or similar for risk of damaging the mould.


If using plasticine/clay: Use warm malleable plastcicne/clay and set under pressure with a quick release hand clamp. Leave in a fridge for an hour before releasing hand form.


If using silicone, appropriate wax release agent must be used according to your brand of silicone.  Let the silicone set under pressure using a quick release hand clamp for duration of recommended cure time.