Hand paddle cinematic (round) with 6mm ball

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1 x pair of custom fabricated hand paddles with 6mm ball at the wrist. 

Professionally silver brazed. Contain 5 x screws for aluminium fingers. 

Hand are pre-assembled and wired but you can strip and reassemble if required. 


Professionally hand-built in our workshop, each pair of hands are fabricated with mild steel and married to a stainless steel ball through silver brazing. Each hand contains 5 screws to clamp aluminium finger wire into place. Hands are usually carried on stock but in some cases we'll have to make to order and will advise at the time of purchase. 



2 x professionally silver brazed  hand paddles with a 6mm ball

10 x cross head stainless steel screws

3m x 1mm aluminium armature wire