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This basic head is perfect for allowing you to sculpt any type of head you can imagine, and comes with a unique plug and screw adaptor so you can use either our 22mm ball stud, or Square K&S brass.

The spherical shape and 6mm dimples allow material to adhere to the surface without slipping off, materials such as such as plasticine, milliput, and many, many more.

This head range is also ideal for both animators and model makers alike.


To ensure your plug adaptor is permanently secure inside your Unicore product, please use two part epoxy glue, and push the plug into place (please make sure the end is caped to ensure no glue rises into the K&S channel.

To Ensure your Ball Stud is secure, screw into position and generously apply two part epoxy glue into the M3 threaded hole and submerge over the hexagonal nut.

Due to print production, some resin prints may loose their threads, simply use a M3 tapper to reclaim the lost threading.



1x Unicore head - Basic

1x Unicore Plug Adaptor

1x 22mm Ball Stud with 6mm Ball

1x M3 Cup screw

Colour may vary (standard grey usually supplied)


Please note: The basic head does not come with any size of eyes due to the endless possibilities with each user.

Baked clays, such as Cosclay, Fimo, etc, may run the risk of thermal damage to the resin print strength, continue at your own risk.