Walt Lip Sync Head Kit

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Introducing the Walt Full Lip Sync Replacement Character Head, a versatile solution for animators seeking expressive and realistic character movements. With an extensive range of over 18 mouth shapes, achieving seamless lip sync in your animations is made effortless.

Each set includes 18 phonemes and emotions, ensuring your characters convey a wide spectrum of expressions. To enhance the lifelike features, we've incorporated a set of blinks (quarter, half, full) and eyebrows. These features can be easily attached using temporary wax, such as tacky wax, or a similar adhesive.

Designed for stop motion character animation, our Anibild character heads simplify the creation, customization, and animation of characters. The mouth shapes are secured in place with magnets, providing easy and precise position registration. The heads come complete with 10mm white customisable eyes and a 6mm ball and bar neck connection.

Unleash your creativity by painting and adding details to bring your characters to life. With Anibild, animating characters becomes an intuitive and enjoyable process. Elevate your stop motion projects with the Walt Full Lip Sync Replacement Character Head today.



18 x Replacement Jaws (full set of phenomes and emotions)

1 set of eye brows

1 set of blinks

6mm ball bar neck connection

2 x customisable eyes. 

50 x neodimium magnets

Scaled for all Anibild Armature kits and Chimera armature sets

Hollow, lightweight, robust, nylon plastic design

Size: 50mm x 50mm x 45mm (approx - designs vary slightly).  


Guidance for Use: Walt Full Lip Sync Replacement Character Head

Armature Attachment:

1. Begin by securely gluing the 6mm ball into the hole at the base of the head (neck) using a reliable 2-part epoxy resin glue or super glue.
2. Allow sufficient time for the adhesive to cure before proceeding.


1. The heads come prepped and ready for painting.
2. We recommend using acrylic colors for the base, followed by a matte clear coat. This protective layer safeguards against discoloration and minimizes grease buildup during animation.


1. Add hair to your character using your preferred method, whether it's air-dry or faux hair. The choice is yours.


1. If necessary, create pinholes in the eyes using a needle pin vice (available here).
2. Paint colored irises and pupils onto the provided 8mm white eye balls using enamel modeling paint.
3. Allow the painted eyes to dry for the recommended time.
4. Secure the 10mm white plastic eyes in place by applying a small amount of Vaseline or wax to the back of the eye socket. This provides a secure bond to prevent the eyes from dislodging while allowing smooth movement during animation. Additional eyes are available for purchase.

Eye Brows and Eye Lids:

1. Enhance the lifelike features by attaching a set of blinks (quarter, half, full) and eyebrows.
2. Easily affix these features using temporary wax, such as tacky wax, or a similar adhesive.

Follow these steps to unlock the full potential of your Walt Full Lip Sync Replacement Character Head, and bring your stop motion characters to life with ease and precision.