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The Animation Toolkit replacement lip sync kit is a product specifically designed for lip sync in stop motion.

The kit contains a total of 12 replacement mouth shapes covering a variety of phonemes plus a range of emotions. Each mouth, when painted up, is designed to look as if has been sculpted from plasticine/clay.  Each mouth shape has expertly sculpted and cast from a plastic polymer and is supplied unpainted. The style of the shape is sausage like - similar to Rex The Runt.

The bonus of animating with the replacement kit is that each mouth is totally reusable – thus speeding the stop motion animation process and lip syncing. Within the kit, generic mouths are supplied that can me customised with clay and paint (not supplied) to add extra teeth or tongues etc.

The lip sync kit is supplied unfinished. Fettling (lightly sanding) burrs and painting will be required before use. Tools and paints are not included in the kit. Please be aware that this is a garage kit intended for the student, amateur and professional animator and is not a toy. It is advised that customers interested in this product must have access to lip sync literature or useful points of reference explaining lip lync for stop motion animation.


12 x Armature FX sausage style mouth shapes

1 x Sanding strip

1 x Instructions

The animation test below shows the mouths in action.