Aardman Rig Kit

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The Aardman stop motion animation rig that delivers precise, industry-standard positioning:

  • Professional, sturdy design 
  • Professional joints as standard
  • 5mm x 100mm x 60mm rig base
  • Stainless steel parts
  • Multiple construction options (2 provided in instructions)
  • Chromakey powder coat green base
  • Adaptable and customisable 

The Aardman rig system is an industry standard design utilising 2 x 6mm stainless steel double ball joints and 1 x 6mm stainless steel single ball joint for effective and precise support when executing technical moves with a puppet. The M3 threaded bar provided is all stainless steel for extra strength and support. Now comes with powder coated Chromakey Green base.

The rig can be adapted to suit any armature to aid with more complex moves such as jumping, flying and running. The rig benefits from a 5mm x 100mm x 80mm steel base that can be magnetised or clamped to set.

Please note that you will need Locite threadlock glue to make a perminant fixing off balls to threaded rod (not included) avialable to purchase here

All rigs can be customised with additional Anibild® ball joints and stainless steel rod. 


1 x 10cm x 8cm base (5mm thick) with M3 thread bolt

2 x 6mm professional double ball joints (stainless steel)

1 x 6mm professional single ball joint (stainless steel)

1 x 100mm M3 stainless steel bar

1 x 75mm M3 stainless steel bar

1 x 50mm M3 stainless steel bar

1 x 25mm M3 stainless steel bar

1 x 10mm M3 stainless steel bar

1 x 2mm allen wrench

1 x M3 wing nut