Magnetic Tie-Down System

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Now supplied in packs of 2. 

!New Steel Grip Feature!!

The Animation Toolkit magnetic tie-down system is compatible with all puppets with steel feet. These magnets are 'studio quality' and have the strength to hold 20kg. These are custom manufactured by us for our customers and are not available elsewhere. 

Disc magnet: Ø 25 mm, height 10mm

Boss: Ø 30 mm, height 41 mm

Compatible with Anibild One, Two and Three kits and variations of. 

As the studio magnets are so strong they come encased in a bespoke steel grip. This strength of this studio magnet is typically found in stop motion animation studios around the world. This magnetic system is compatible with all Animation Toolkit armature kits and rigging systems.


2 x Supermagnet with grip

All magnet and grip combos come pre-asssembled. 


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    Heavy duty animation magnets

    Posted by Tim Daniel of TEDCO STUDIOS on 22nd May 2013

    These small but mighty magnets are perfect for animating steel foot characters. The tiny size allows a greater range of foot animation possibilities and there is no loss of strength with 12 kg holding power these are perfect for most scale animation needs even with larger characters.

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    Super Magnets with Aluminium grips

    Posted by Val Moat on 19th Feb 2013

    I'm a raw beginner at aninmation.Having arthritic wrists, I'm hoping these magnets will be easier to use than tie downs on my 1.5mm galvanised metal stage. They are powerfull (be carfull) but easy to move or remove holding the aluminium grips.

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    tie down magnets

    Posted by STUART PEARCY on 7th Jan 2013

    Really really powerful. Works well with my armatures. Highly recomended.

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    Keep Your Character In Place

    Posted by Mark Bowyer on 21st Jul 2012

    I am a hobby "claymation" animator and I have been looking for ways to keep my clay characters firmly attached to the set floor, especially during walk cycles when the character needs to be off balance at some points. Bolt down systems work but leave holes all over your set and separate rigging has to be removed from each frame. Using a armature with steel feet (the FX armature) this magnet is ideal for holding them firmly in place through the 3mm thick hardboard stage I recently made. It means I can position my character in pretty much any position, as long as one foot is on the ground.