Polyurethane Resin Fast Cast 1KG kit

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J-Cast Polyurethane Resin kit (fast cast) is excellent for quickley casting props, models, head cores,  duplicate masters and more.

J Cast consists of two parts (A and B) that, after mixing, quickly cure to tough polyurethane plastic.

Cure time takes approx 2 mins. De-mould in 10 mins. 

Mix ratio 1:1 vol or weight

Since Parts A and B are super-low viscosity liquids, they are easy to mix, provide excellent detail penetration, and make bubble-free castings without  vacuum degassing or pressure casting techniques. Rapid demold times make J-Cast ideal for high-volume, fast-cast applications. Uses such as puppet head cores, eyes and rapid pototyping. J Cast pours like water, so making bubble free parts is easy and fast (2-min working time, 10-min demold).

Due to international trade restrictions we cannot ship this product abroad without prior application. Please contact us before buying if you intend to ship overseas.