Character Head Square Jaw

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Anibild stop motion character heads have been specifically designed for use with stop motion character animation. Create, customise and animate your characters with ease. Complete with 8mm white customisable eyes and a 6mm ball and bar connection, all you need to do is add colour, hair and detail.  



Round Jaw

Scaled for all Anibild Armature kits and Chimera armature sets

Hollow, lightweight, robust, nylon plastic design

6mm ball bar neck connection

8mm eye sockets

2 x 8mm blank/customisable white plastic eyes  

Size: 50mm x 50mm x 45mm (approx - designs vary slightly).  


Guidance for use:


First glue the 6mm ball onto the 10mm stud with a permanent thread lock. Leave for 12 hours in a warm place. Next glue the ball and stud into the hole at the base of the head (neck) with a 2 part epoxy resin glue. Leave to cure for 1 hour.


Heads are ready to prime and paint. We recommend acrylic colour followed by a matte clear coat (to protect from discolouration and grease when animating).


Add hair with airdry or faux hair – the decision is yours.


Drill pin holes into eyes if required with a needle pin vice (available here). 

Paint coloured iris and pupils onto the white eye balls with an enamel modelling paint and leave to dry for recommended time.

Secure 8mm white plastic eyes into  place with a touch of Vaseline/wax to the back of the socket. The viscus bond between the socket and the eye will prevent the ball from popping out but also allow ease of movement while animating.(Additional eyes are available here). 


Sculpt and animate eye brows and eye lids with plasticine. Customise, sculpt and animate with our animators sculpting set here. 


Use a full set of lip sync decals while animating your lip sync (avialble here) Create more using black electricians tape. Simply draw the shape of the mouth you require onto black electricians tape and cut out with a scalpel. Add teeth and tongues with other colours of tape!