Stop Motion Silicone Skin Catalyst 25g

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Download the Stop Motion Silicone Skin Fact Sheet here


25g Catalyst ONLY


Tips and usage:

Specific uses include: Animation/animatronic skins. Precise Mould Making (small scale).

Mix 5% catalyst by weight to silicone (best used on digital scales).

Store silicone and catalyst in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and or extreme cold.

When mixing with pigment avoid creating air bubbles in silicone by ‘folding’ to blend together (allow to stand and let air bubbles to escape before mixing with catalyst)

When mixing with catalyst avoid creating air bubbles by folding to blend together.

Slowly fold for approx 5mins or until fully blended. Poor silicone into mould from a height (approx 30cm – 50cm away from mould) allowing any unwanted air bubbles to escape. When poured, clamp all parts of the mould together and let rest in a position where any remaining air bubbles can rise away from any important detail of the mould. e.g if casting hands, let the mould rest fingers pointing down so air bubbles rise into the arm of the character and can be either trimmed away when cured or hidden beneath clothes etc.

Always wear gloves when handling silicone products and use in a ventilated space.


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