K&S Stop-motion set x 6 pieces

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K&S Metals Stop-Motion Set

2 x 1/8"

2 x 5/32"

2 x 3/16"

This super cool set is the ultimate sidekick for all you model-making fanatics out there! Made by the rad folks at K&S Engineering, it's perfect for scratch building and armature making. Stuffed with all the clasic sizes you could want, it's a fave for stop-motion animators and armaturists alike. You get two of each piece, which is like having double the fun! It's a total must-have for hip/chest fabrication, rigging, hand/wrist replacements, and reinforcing those aluminum armatures (aka bone structure). Get ready to bring your imagination to life with this awesome set!

Also great for prop makers and modelers, crafts, machine shops and architectural applications.