RAPTOR KIT Anibild® THREE Professional Armature

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Build a scale armature of a Raptor at home and get this exclusive limited-edition articulated Raptor Skull included (Eyes not included)! Limted to 50 units. Release date is December 10th 2021

Our Anibild Raptor kit is designed to deliver multiple options and maximum effect required by model makers and animators. The kit contains over 100 stainless steel parts which offer limitless possibilities for character and creature construction. CNC milled stop motion joints are accompanied by an easy-to-follow assembly guide, you can create anything from a simple human skeleton (an armature) to four-legged friends, dinosaurs and mythical beasts. This kit is exclusively supplied with Raptor instructions! 

Use these armatures to flesh out in clay or other material (not included) to create your fully realized Raptors.  Through incremental movements, your Raptors can then be animated in sequences to create your very own film. The joints are compact, strong and robust perfect for amateur or professional filmmakers. The armature also features rigging points, which can be fully integrated with the Anibild Rig system to support and execute technical and dynamic animation moves. The Anibild Raptor kit, although technical in its specification, is incredibly easy to assemble. All balls and bars are M3 threaded and can be secured into the balls using a strong thread-lock for a permanent fix. 

*Eyes are for illustration purposes only and are not included. 


1 x Raptor skull (ABS Plastic and stainless steel jaw articulation)

10 x 6mm stainless steel double joints

10 x 6mm stainless steel single joints

30 x 6mm stainless steel balls

20 x steel socket head grubs screws

2 x stainless steel t section hip and shoulder boss

5 x stainless steel hand/toe/head paddles

1 x Allen Key

10 x 10mm M3 threaded bar

10 x 25mm M3 threaded bar

10 x 50mm M3 threaded bar

10 x 75mm M3 threaded bar

4 x 100mm M3 threaded bar

1 x Allen key

1 x 1mm x 3m spool of aluminium wire (for fingers etc)

2 x M3 thread/washer/wingnut tie down

1 x Instructions

Armature size approx: 300mm x 60mmmm x H200mm