Rage of the Raptor Armature limited edition

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Own a piece of animation and special effect history. Inspired by the Phil Tippet Raptor Armature planned to be used in the 1996 movie, Jurassic Park, Rage of The raptor a limited edition collectors item. 

Each Raptor is hand fabricated and stamped with our maker's mark and limited number (each are sold from 001 - 030. The lowest denominator will always be shipped), and are approx 60cm in length and over 30cm in height. The armatures are fully brazed and assembled in our studios, with a final polish and buff to achieve the incredible stance you see in the pictures. Our joints are CNC machined, each one taking 3 hours to complete. They are super smooth and we supply them already to stop motion productions and visual effects studios across the globe. 

Each Rage of The Raptor is mounted on a walnut stand and presented a super cool flight case. 

As each Raptor is fully articulated, you can pose them in whichever way you wish. Although they are designed as a piece of art they are 100% animatable. There would be nothing stopping you from covering them in scales and taking them straight into your own stop motion special effects sequence or movie. 

Each Raptor Armature is built to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks. Contact us for queries on manufacturing schedule.