12mm Ball Stud with 6mm Ball

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Ball Stud

Length 12mm

Ball 6mm

Thread M3 x 5mm

Material: Stainless Steel 

Nut: 7mm

Number in pack - 1


At animation Toolkit we've specifically designed and manufactured these Ball Studs to eliminate the need for thread locking balls onto stud/bone bar. They can either be screwed and tightened onto one of our classic Tbone  (AVAILABLE HERE). Then tightened into place with an M3 Grub screw (AVAILABLE HERE). Alternatively, the Ball stud can be screwed into position and thread locked into place and left to cure for 12 hrs. If using threadlock, use plenty of adhesive on both joining threads, tighten the ball stud into place using a 7mm wrench and let it cure in a warm place for 12hrs. 

CNC Manufactured Ball Stud. Machined from 303 stainless steel with an operational length of 12mm. Has a fixed 6mm ball and 7mm hex head nut. 

Tbones and M3 grub screws illustrated but not included.