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The Dog's Ball Joints

Posted by Wes Wood on 18th Aug 2017

We’ve been recently working on Project Penguin - a top secret R&D project we are kind of teasing (by publishing this) but hope to reveal soon. In the process of developing Project Penguin there have been some ‘byproducts’ but interesting all the same. One of which was this totally awesome scale replica of Gromit. Presented in a half sculpted half armature cut-through we were pretty pleased with the end result. The aim was to release these as limited editions to fans and collectors of Wallace and Gromit. Unfortunately the price point wouldn’t translate into sales as the time and craftsmanship that went into each one was staggering.

If nothing else, I suppose it's become a piece of fan art and looks amazing on our mantelpiece!. 

Anyway, pictures here for you to view. Take a look, feel free to make a comment on Facebook. We’d be interested in your thoughts.