Balsa Wood Bundle

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Balsa Wood Bundle

Mixed pack of balsa wood (contents vary).

H 23cm

W 10cm

D 3.3 cm

Balsa Wood is ideal for bulking out armatures (see illustration). It’s lightweight, easy to cut, shape and glue. The illustration shows Balsa simply 'superglued' around the armature parts and shaped with a scalpel and sand paper. This pack has a random selection of pieces that you can utilize in many ways.

Armatures benefit from torso, hip and bone mass created from Balsa to give the animator ‘something to grab’ when animating. Additional to this, the Balsa also offers the armature maker something to ‘glue to’ when covering in upholstery foam to mimic muscle mass. 

Balsa is also great for creating props to populate your sets and scenery. 

Please note contents may vary.