Female Cinematic Armature Anibild Chimera

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The Professional Cinematic Armature


Brand: Anibild Chimera

Model: Generic Female F1

260mm height

Scale: 1/6th

Material: Polished stainless steel


With 24 points of articulation, multi rigging points and acute anthropomorphic design, the Anbild Chimera offers four major functions: support, movement, dexterity and reliability. Offering a range of professionally engineered stainless steel joints this armature comes without the 3d printed muscle structure. the Anibild Chimera studio armatures are pre made and packed full of features. Based on technology designed specifically for motion picture and series production work, our armatures are reliable, robust and precision manufactured.

Each armature is designed and hand built in our Animation Toolkit studios by one of our esteemed engineers. We’ve made and supplied over 10000 armatures to film makers across the globe.

This armatures is supplied without the 3d printed muscle parts. Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.


Key Features: 

Pre-made and ready to go


24 points of articulation

90% Stainless steel parts

Engineered ball joints

9mm, 6mm, 3mm ball joint range

Standard rigging points

Additional rigging harness provided

Multi tie down/magnetic feet

High Heels

Hinged toe joint

Replaceable wire fingers

Anti galling/excessive wear joints

Grease nipple feature on joints


Designed with our years of experience working with, on and in our own studios, Anibild Chimera delivers. Performance and function is provided in a professionally crafted and engineered package.  Not only is the Anibild Chimera range fully interchangeable, it’s also backed up with our vast range on Anibild parts that offer you endless opportunities and arrangements for your characters needs.  Your productions are our priority and whenever you ever need help, advice and recommendations, we are here to help you make the right decisions.

Our experience in stop motion animation armature fabrication and production covers: Night of the Trampires, Scream Street, Corpse Bride, Postman Pat, Fifi Forget Me Not and the Flower Tots, Little Robots, Engie Benjie, and many more. We’ve recently supplied parts and materials for the likes of Charlie Kaufmans Anomilsa, The Clangers, Disney’s Club Penguin Haloween and Christmas Specials, Laika and Aardman to name a few. 


The science:

Stainless steel has been the armature makers choice for decades because of it’s natural strength and hardness. The majority of our armatures are manufactured from a mixture of stainless steel grades. This includes balls, joints and bar. To avoid excessive wear and galling – a process of cold welding, components in our joints are manufactured from 2 grades of stainless steel: SS416 and SS304.  The chromium content within the balls help lubricate the friction of movement between the SS416 ball plates.

Ball joint SS416

Corrosion resistant, hardened stainless steel. Applications ideal for gears, machined components and moving parts

Balls and bars SS304

Hardened with additional chromium content, withstands corrosion against water and acids, ideal for bearings and friction fittings. 



6mm single Neck joints x 2

6mm double clavical shrug

6mm single shoulder joint

6mm single elbow

3mm double wrist joint

9mm torso joint

6mm single hip joint

6mm single knee joint

6mm single ankle joint

M3 hinged toe

Material make up:


All stainless steel parts with the exception of

  1. Mild steel chest bar
  2. Steel, self colour socket head screws
  3. 60% Silver brazing materia
  4. Aluminium wire fingers (replaceable)