Aardman Armatures Studio Set

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43.00 (cm)
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NOW WITH CNC machined joints: This is a masivly anticipated and welcomed up-grade to the already super popular Aardman kit. CNC joints are stronger and perform better for longer. They are smoother in opperation and braze/solder with ease. 

The Aardman Armatures Studio Kit gives you all you need to get up and running with your stop motion production: 

  • 1 x Aardman Armatures Creature kit
  • 1 x Aardman Armatures Stage
  • 1 x Aardman Armatures Rig Kit
  • 1 x Aardman Armatures Character Kit
  • 1 x Balls and Bones accessory kit
  • 1 x Screws and Tools accessory Kit

This is a bundle of all of the Aardman products at a discounted price. See individual listings for complete details.