6mm Pro Single Ball Joint

Animation Toolkit
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1 x 6mm Animation Toolkit CNC Single Ball Joint

  • Upgrade your Anibild kit (suits Anibild Three, Creature Kits and Aardman kits and rigs)

  • Perfect for scratch builders, professional armaturiststs, cinematic and TV producers

  • Can be silver-soldered or thread-locked

  • Two piece CNC precision engineered stainless steel 

  • Ergonomic rounded design

  • Deep ball cup for improved, smooth precision movements

  • Countersunk M2.5 thread and socket head fitting

  • 1 x 6mm stainless steel threaded balls

  • 1 x threaded stock (Compatible with all Anibild range)

  • Brushed finish

  • Approx size: L16mm x W6mm x D9mm

  • All ball joints are sized by the ball they require to operate (6mm in this case).


1 x stainless steel single ball joint plate (male)

1 x stainless steel single ball joint plate (female)

1 x hardened steel M2.5 x 8mm socket head screw

1 x stainless steel 6mm x M3 thread ball

Detailed description:

A perfect addition to any Anibild kit or scratch builder, The Animation Toolkit CNC (Computer Numerical Control) ball joints are our most precision machined parts offering accuracy within 0.001mm. We have custom designed and built these joints to last over the strenuous rigours of armature performance.

Manufacturing our joints out of stainless steel means that they are strong. The use of stainless steel in joints reduces bend resulting in plates to  ‘banana’ out of shape and loose tension on balls. Stainless steel is very unreactive which also mean they will last a lot longer against corrosion in the foam baking process.   

The ergonomic rounded design helps reduce tears and rips in armature skins. They help shape the bone structure of your armatures and can accentuate features such as knees, shoulders and elbows should you need it.

The deep ball cup feature allows for smooth, precision movements when animating. This also lengthens the life of the ball instead of cutting into them.