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Who we are:

Animation Toolkit was established in 2006 and specialises in supplying Stop Motion animation parts, kits and supporting products to professionals, enthusiasts and students across the globe.

We have a rich background working in the animation and stop motion industry. Managing director Westley Wood began his career with Mackinnon and Saunders, serving 5 years in the Cosgrove Hall puppets department. Here, Westley learnt his trade, from puppet fabrication, mould making and foam baking to advanced head mechanics and silicone applications.


We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations and provide help and support as and when required. If you are unsure on any of our products and or have any questions (or just need some advice) do not hesitate to contact us.

If you seek a bespoke armature and puppet making service please do not hesitate to contact us. Prices start from around £150.

Ray Harryhausen:

In 2012 Animation Toolkit teamed up with special effects titan, Ray Harryhausen and brought their Armacreature armature kit to market. The quality of Animation Toolkit’s joints and parts are uniquely engineered to the highest specifications and are designed specifically for reliable armature fabrication. Ray Harryhausen personally signed off on the design and quality of the parts commenting “if this kit was available when I was making moving I would have gladly used it”.

Ray Harryhausen’s work spans  from 1935 – 2010 and has over 50 movie titles to his name. He is most famed for his Dynamation stop motion animation techniques and creating some of films most famous creatures.

The Ray and Dianna Harryhausen Foundation:

Animation Toolkit supports the Ray and Dianna Harryhausen foundation, a charitable Trust set up by Ray on the 10th April 1986. It is the primary aim of the Foundation to protect Ray’s name and body of work as well as archiving, preserving and restoring Ray’s extensive collection. 

In addition the Foundation is firmly committed to show and exhibit, for educational and enjoyment purposes, all of Ray’s unique collection and the short films as well and his feature productions. 

By purchasing the Armacreature kit, you are helping to support the foundation and the legacy left by Ray Harryhausen.

Westley Wood:

Although Westley works full time in the children's television market, he continues to advise on and develop most of our products, tailoring them with manufactures to suit the needs of our customers.  

Westley’s stop motion credits include:

Compost Corner (ITV)

Corpse Bride (Theatrical Release)

Postman Pat (CBBC)

Engie Benji (ITV)

Fifi Forget Me Not (Channel 5)

Little Robots (CBBC)

Roary The Racing Car (Channel 5)

Rupert The Bear (Channel 5)


Westley’s work in the stop motion industry has earned a plethora of awards and nominations:

RTS Craft Award 2006 (Winner)

BAFTA Best Children’s Short 2012 (Nominee)

BAFF Best Children’s Short 2013 (Nominee)

MPA Best Children’s Production 2013 (Winner)

MPA One to watch 2013 (Winner)

NW Entrepreneur new-comer 2013 (Nominee)

MYTA Entrepreneur of the year 2013 (runner-up)

BAA Best Children’s series 2014 (TBA)

The team:

Animation Toolkit relies heavily on it’s staff and manufacturers. From mass manufacture to packet and post, everyone plays an important role in our company.

Animation Toolkit prides it’s self on supporting local suppliers and utilising skills within the UK. Additionally some components are manufactured abroad which are outstanding in quality and performance.


Animation Toolkit directly and indirectly provides work for over 100 employees across the globe.

Customer base:

To date Animation Toolkit has help make over 5000 stop motion animated films (based on sales) and continues to count. Customers have ranged from students to professionals, from creative agencies to animation studios. To name a few, some of those studios include:




Factory Transmedia


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