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Armacreature Professional Armature Kit

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This product is no longer available.  

The Grand Master of Stop Motion, Ray Harryhausen, presents Armacreature! Design, create and animate stop motion creatures like a legend!

A professional Armature kit with limitless possibilities! Build your characters and creatures from scratch using over 100 stainless steel, professional parts.  

Technical specification rating:             5/5

Difficulty level:                                    3/5

Download instruction guide here


This is a genuine Ray Harryhausen product.

To build an Armacreature will also require basic hand tools to put together (not supplied). 


Key features:

20 engineered stainless steel joints

Hardened stainless steel balls and socket head screws

Jointed foot and toe with tie down

Integrated rigging system

T section boss system   


10 x 6mm stainless steel double joints

10 x 6mm stainless steel single joints

30 x 6mm stainless steel balls

20 x steel socket head grubs screws

2 x stainless steel t section hip and shoulder boss

5 x stainless steel hand/toe/head paddles

1 x Allen Key

10 x 10mm M3 threaded bar

10 x 25mm M3 threaded bar

10 x 50mm M3 threaded bar

10 x 75mm M3 threaded bar

4 x 100mm M3 threaded bar

1 x Allen key

1 x 1mm x 3m spool of aluminium wire (for fingers etc)

1 x Permanent 'Thread Lock'

2 x M3 thread/washer/wing nut tie down

1 x Instructions

Armacreature is a precision-engineered armature to deliver maximum effect required by advanced and expert animators. Armacreature contains 20 stainless steel joints with hardened stainless steel balls and socket head screws. The joints are compact, strong and robust lending themselves to lengthy television production and feature film work. Armacreature also contains multiple rigging points for your characters, which is fully integrated with the Animation Toolkit Professional Rig system to support and execute technical and dynamic animation moves with your puppet.

There are enough joints and parts in this kit to build a huge variety of creatures. This kit will not only build a humanoid but also 4 legged creatures, dinosaurs, two headed aliens - your imagination is your limit!  

Armacreature, although technical in it’s specification, is incredibly easy to assemble. All balls and bars are M3 threaded and can be secured into the balls using a strong thread-lock (included). 

Wes says – ‘If you are serious about stop motion or have always promised yourself a top notch practice puppet this is the kit is amazing value for money. You get a professional armature from the grand master of stop motion, Ray Harryhausen, on a very affordable budget. I’ve not seen anything on the market that can beat it.’  

*Joints are 15mm in length. We recommend Armatures being no larger than 30cm tall. 



Product Videos

Armacreature time-lapse Ray Harryhausen build 04:25

Ray Harryhausen Armacreature Armature Kit time lapse puppet build. Presented by Animation Toolkit, watch as the armature builds, takes shape and comes alive. Get tips tricks and solutions to armature building whilst stopping and re-playing this film.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Brilliant Armature 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jun 2013

    "These armatures are top of the line. The best we have used." Tim Daniel of TEDCO Studios.

  2. I made the Pizza Boy Armature 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jan 2013

    I finished constructing the armature and its fantastic.

    I ensured that all the threaded rods and balls were thoroughly de-greased with white spirit and a universal de-greaser and the Loctite worked wonders. After leaving the assembled joints glued in with Loctite for 24 hours, a couple of the balls had not secured properly. I did a search and found the technical data for the Loctite online and its various responses to heat when curing. After a bit more Loctite on the unsecured balls I left the joints over the top of our AGA cooker and within 6 hours everything was rock solid. I have to say that the Loctite is far superior to the other thread lock that I have used and is probably as good as silver soldering the joints!

    I filed down the sides of the hip "T" section to allow the legs for a little more movement if the legs needed to be crossed, and I also filed the shoulder and neck joints at the side as they were just catching on each other if rotated (however this is probably due to the design of my armature). All of the work was so easy to carry out and allows for endless customisation. I also decided to use a ball joint in the base of the neck as this will mean I wont have to keep putting the internal wire in the head under strain leading to breakage (something I had not though through with the previous armature).

    All in all this is by far the best armature I have used, and was a joy to assemble. I have a few joints and a lot of rod left over so I will certainly be placing an order for some more parts soon.

  3. Just what I needed! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Dec 2012

    I ordered kit on 12/10/12 and today I just got it in the mail,12/31/12 within 30 min. or les I had this little guy up and running. All the joint work great. Nice and tight.

  4. GREAT BIT OF KIT 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Dec 2012

    Armacreature is a brilliant bit of kit. Easy to assemble, and has all the moves of a human being. As you can see, I made a human out of the kit. One problem I had was, there were not enough 10ml bars to complete the humanoid, two bits short, but I cut them from one of the longer bars. Apart from that perfect. Will buy again at a later date.

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